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Bimmerfest Flashback.

Bimmerfest Flashback.

January 25, 2021

Car shows and track events are some of the activities that make being a car enthusiast fun.

These events have been a strong part of the car community for years. Sadly, 2020 put a temporary hold on most activities that many companies including BBS participated in.

To keep the spirit of these shows and events alive, we have updated our Bimmerfest video from a couple of years ago to get energized for upcoming 2021 events. Watch Now

The collection of BMW M Cars sporting BBS wheels, current and classic are featured in this video for your enjoyment.

The classic RS and RS II’s have been a part of BBS for decades and today so many lovers of BBS classics are re-barreling them for new and old M Series cars.

The current CI-R and FI-R wheels are technology ladened with styling that elevates the M2, M3, and M4 to a higher level. These are available in many more BMW applications including the new 21" FI-R for the F90 M5.

2020 is passed and we see a more positive outlook for 2021, we are looking forward to participating in these events as various states and cities give the green light for them to take place. Bimmerfest is the event that we can see classic BMW cars on Classic BBS wheels in one place. BBS of America intends to co-sponsor some of these events and we are hopeful that we will be seeing many of you sooner than later.

We wish everyone an awesome, prosperous, healthy, and safe year!