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May 11, 2021

BBS of America joined BMW CCA for the launch of their new event-MX1 Enthusiast Weekend on April 10th, 2021 at the BMW CCA headquarters in Greer, SC.

The event was presented by Michelin and went off without a hitch.

There was a lineup of fun for many during the weekend activities.

The event recognized and celebrated everything BMW with highlights on the M models and X vehicle community. The event marked a new tradition and is set to provide something new to look forward to as Oktoberfest saw its end in 2019.


The festivities started on Friday, April 9 at the BMW CCA Foundation where a Workshop was held on the “Genesis of BMW”. It ran parallel with a tour of the BMW Performance Center and followed with a driving event on the track at the Performance Center for paid participants.

The driving event was a special program designed by the Performance Center staff specifically for the BMW CCA X Chapter. It included instructions for participants and was divided into morning and afternoon sessions with mixed skill exercises in competitive events.

Regrettably, this writer did not have the pleasure of participating.

BBS was on hand for the Saturday Caffeine and Gasoline which was impressively attended by members of BMW CCA from all over the country. We met members from as far as San Diego, CA and Portland, OR.

Leading into the day, the weather forecast did not look good and we were all concerned about what the turnout would look like. All worries about bad weather impacting attendance were put to rest very quickly as the bad weather moved away from the location.

The event was truly a celebration of BMW with hundreds of cars turning up. BMW CCA corralled the cars by group and designation and soon all the corrals were full. Highlights included classics like the 2002 to rare collectibles like the Z8 on hand.

BMW Performance Center had the G8x M3 and M4 on display, along with other new cars to tease our appetite for the brand.

There were donuts and coffee in the morning thanks to Griot’s Garage. Later in the day, food trucks offering fine BBQ, gyros and tacos showed up to feed us all for lunch. To my surprise, the food was really good and quite filling.   

The X Chapter showed up in full force and made a statement packing in all the X Series SUVs in the designated corral.

The MX1 event turned out to be a great event considering the weather and changes due to pandemic conditions. Attendance was strong and team BBS had a chance to introduce our products to a surprisingly large amount of BMW owners still rolling on stock wheels.

For our display car, we featured an M2 Competition from our man Esteban Valentin @ban_m2c fitted with our technology ladened FI-R.

The BBS booth was busy throughout the day, making it difficult for my colleague and I to partake in the festivities. But with the interest level in BBS so high with many we spoke to, we had a great time and are confident we will be seeing many more rolling on BBS in the near future.

The MX-1 Caffeine and Gasoline event drew more than 500 people with more than 250 cars on display in the corrals.

Participating sponsors on hand were Michelin, Akrapovic, Turn 14, Griot’s Garage, Xpel, BMW Performance Center and BBS.