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February 5, 2024

Our journey with David Severs began under the dazzling lights of the 2022 SEMA show in vibrant Las Vegas. There, amidst the automotive wonders, he made a pitstop at the BBS booth, fueled by the anticipation of laying eyes on the new BBS Unlimited wheels, a sensation he had initially encountered in the pages of Motor Trend magazine. His mission? To uncover if these wheels could find a home on his powerhouse Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R.

Enthralled by the innovation and style of the BBS Unlimited wheel system, David was instantly captivated. He didn't hesitate to declare, "Contact me the moment those wheels hit the market!" True to our word, we reached out post-SEMA, announcing the availability of the BBS Unlimited wheels in April 2022.

As the wheels embarked on their journey from production to eager hands, David, stationed in the sun-soaked city of Scottsdale, AZ, looked to our trusted dealer, Wheel Specialists, Inc. (, to orchestrate the grand installation.

However, this Mustang, unlike others we've adorned with the BBS Unlimited wheels, presented a minor hurdle. The GT350R arrived with stock carbon wheels, affixed to 96 mm front studs and 70 mm rear studs—longer than the standard GT350. A small hiccup, you might say. The challenge? The extended studs clashed with the meticulously designed cutouts on the back of the Unlimited wheel. Undeterred, David embraced the challenge, opting to swap the studs to the standard GT350 ones. A minor delay, a testament to his unwavering commitment.

Fast forward after a bit of patience, new studs, and a series of thorough tests, and we were ready to roll. Wheel Specialists, Inc. took charge of the installation, turning a potential roadblock into a showcase of seamless collaboration. Their meticulous approach, coupled with David's determination, ensured that everything unfolded precisely as planned.

Installation day arrived, and it was a breeze. The hub adapters took their place, with the hub centering ring snugly in position, and with that, the Unlimited wheels claimed their rightful spot on the GT350R.

The Mustang GT350R now flaunts 20x11 ET:23.5 fronts and 20x11.5 ET:51 rears, wrapped in the performance embrace of Toyo 285/30ZR20 fronts and 315/30ZR20 rears. A touch of flair was added with the optional red rim protector, harmonizing seamlessly with the car's striking red accents.

David's satisfaction reverberated through a text message, echoing compliments from fellow Shelby and even Porsche enthusiasts. The stunning transformation was complete, and David stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring impact of the BBS Unlimited wheels.

Gratitude extends to Toyo Tires, whose collaboration with BBS and David ensured the perfect tire sizes for this automotive masterpiece. Special kudos to Wheel Specialists, Inc. ( for their diligence, uncovering the stud discrepancy and ensuring a flawless install. Their commitment extended beyond the garage, delivering high-quality images that capture the essence of this exceptional transformation.

In reflection, Darren Young, V.P of Sales and Marketing, when quizzed about the BBS Unlimited installation on the Mustang GT350R, shared his enthusiastic thoughts: “BBS Unlimited allows you to maximize your fitment for the intended application and can be tailored to your flush fitment desire, whether the car is lowered or on factory ride height.”

With wheels turning and heads turning, BBS Unlimited has once again proven its prowess, leaving a trail of satisfaction and admiration in its wake.